Sunday, 28 November 2010

Yorias Redux

I just finished him painting. I took a bit different path in painting him compared to the rest of the army, I think the characters will resemble him, while the troops will follow a bit more simple. So here you go, as always commets are welcome.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Yorias the Librarian

For some time now I've been converting this mini, the first true HQ choice for my little chapter. I have a full plastic army in mind, so there was a lot of work with him: all parts, limbs etc were converted, nothing is untouched. Actually this mini was made with a local converting competition in mind, I have secret hopes to win it. (In reality nearly always Orc or Chaos minis win these tournaments....)
I hope you like it!


The torso is made from a tactical sergeant's bit, the head is from an old Catachan mini. Instead of the banner, I used some banner-like things from the ravenwing sprue. The legs are repositioned, the feet have lobstered guards. The loincloth is that of an AoBr captain's

I made new style shoulder pads for him, and attached a laser engraved chapter symbol

I like the way the powerpack turned out...

The powersword is made of a piece of plastic, a terminator ornament some lead wire and greenstuff.

And the same with a coat of dark grey primer (as primer brings things together so nicely):

If you are interested in how tis or that detail was made do not hesitate to ask. Comments are welcome too.
Stay tuned for painted pictures.