Saturday 30 October 2010

Oriental Orc Archer

I try to make up my lack of posting in the last few months, so this is a mini I painted for a local painted miniature exchange lottery. Yes you pick a mini, paint it to the best of your ability, and a dosen or so guys do the same. The minis then get distributed randomly. Works quite fine if everyone paints on the same level, but anyway, Let us concentrate on my entry:

I tried to create a mini diorama with some pieces of scenery, since it is unlikely that anyone in Hungary fields an oriental Orc army. BTW if anyone knows the origins of this mini, please let me know, since I don't even know what make it is.
 I'm quite happy with the results, this is really about the best you can expect from me nowadays. These were my first experiments with pigments on the base, and they look quite natural, so I think it is a success.

I made a mistake of posting it on but I got what I deserved. A score of  5.1 - just good enough for tabletop is quite depressing, but I asked for it - again :-)