Friday, 31 December 2010

December retrospective

On the last day of the year it is common to look back to the year, but first I have to look back on December. It's been a busy month a bit too eventful even, as it turned out first of all, my Land Speeder has won a Bronze Gobbo in it's category on the Hungarian Games Day which is quite an achievement, considering that I accidentally applied... (I bought it for to show it to a guy, and he convinced me to enter the competition.) On the same event I won some Xyston 15mm Hellenics on a lottery game, that made me to order some more on eBay.
December has also shown me completing some commissions, plus pimping up some old school Orc vehicles for sale. This is  part of the closing stages of operation Clean Shelf, aiming to keep only minis and vehicles I intend to paint in the foreseeable future.

Finally I stared a major project to restore, superdetail, paint and hopefully sell a pair of pretty much wrecked Classic Space Marine Predators, Castor and Pollux. The aim is to try and master some techniques I saw in Imperial Armour modelling Masterclass. Stay tuned for details. Below you can see Castor in it's original state to the left:

It's been a busy week, and a busy month, and  I expect none less in 2011, though I plan to post more.