Thursday, 24 June 2010

Land Speeder Redux

Some old time followers might remember one of my first posts back from January; it was about a Land Speeder, full of details that later turned out to be unnecessary. The paint scheme changed too, and as I became involved With my Land Raider Mk1 the work on this little one has stalled. Until last week, when I finished it :-)
Actually it is not finished, as the magnetized parts may get some transfers and freehand, and still need to be weathered.
The model is fully magnetized, all the doors/accessories/weapons can be removed. I'm a big fan of magnetization, both for versatility and portability.
The base is made of a standard AOBR base and a piece of carbon fibre rod, as I dislike GW flying bases.
The junk on the ground are made of plasticard (heated up and bent over fire) pieces of tin sheet and resin parts.
The scratches on the bumper and the hull are the weakest part of the paintjob, hell, next time they will turn pout better. The speeder was given a little coat of dust pigment (dust, dusty green and sand) as I felt that as a flying machine stronger weathering would be out of place.
As always, feedback is welcome.

Typhoon variant with multi melta (some sooth will be applied)

Tornado variant with heavy bolter

Engine glow


  1. Pretty sweet job, I like it.

    That's a good idea on the base too, I really like the bit of wreckage made by melting the plasticard.

  2. I dig the blue engine glow, and the raised fast attack icons. Are those cast as well?

  3. Really nice job, again, love that engine glow :)

    You're right, the scratches are the weakest part. Can I suggest next time? sponge them on. a lovely network of fine random scratches can be had that way.

  4. Thanks folks,
    @Warhammer39999: yes, they were cast in

    @Karitas: To tell the truth, I never tried that and I was afraid of it. Perhaps I should have.

  5. The blue glow on this model is awesome. I've never seen it done that way before. Thanks for sharing.