Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Scratchbuild - The Land Raider MkI part 8.

It is complete. It took me two and a half months and about 150 hours to get this far. Thanks for all the support and the inspiring comments I received all along. This was my first ever attempt at scratch building, so while there are tons of things I'd do differently if I started today I'm quite happy with the result.

While the vehicle is meant to be plain old school Land Raider, I allowed myself a little freedom for further developments; therefore I magnetized quite frequently. The driver options are magnetized (please note that arms, heads etc. are missing as that is my painting method), so are sponsons, the hunter-killer missile/ cosed hatch options and the bush cutter. The antenna with the small flag can be removed too. These not only enable me to elect to make a crusader/redeemer variant later if I so wish, but make transporting the model so much easier.

So that is it folks; I think I stop here and stick to painting for a while, but I'm positive that this may be my first, but not last project.
Stay tuned for the primered pictures soon, and the painting project later this year when I buy an airbrush.

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  1. Looks much better than the original one that GW themselves put out. Amazing work ... totally awesome stuff sir!

  2. That's your first scratchbuild??? Amazing. This project is really inspiring; thank you for documenting your process.

  3. It's fantastic.

    it will be a shame to paint over it.

    it looks massive.

    well done.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. A big thumbs up for all the effort you put into this vehicle. Shall we see that on the Hungarian Games Day this year? :)

  5. Hopefuly yes. If I get it painted in time :-)

  6. Hopefully yes, if I finish painting it in time.

  7. Holy Cow - that's awesome, mate. I miss the ol' Mark I.

  8. you're a brand name now. :)
    this is just perfect.
    hope to see it painted soon!

  9. That's amazing - a real labour of love!

    Great work

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