Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Quick update and a question

Hi, I'm almost finished with the tracks, but the 12th link - the ones with the aquila on - is quite a hard nut to crack. I'm ready with the aquilas themselves and decided that the letters E T (Eperor of Terra) will be added to fill out the empty space under the wings.
And here comes the dilemma: what do you think, should the letters be positive or negative on the tracks? If they are positive they read correct on the vehicle, if they are negative, they look correct in the dirt. While I'm tempted to chose the later alternative, as the purpose of the 12th link is to mark the soil in the name of the emperor, I'm open to your opinion on the matter.
Anyway, stay tuned for a tracked update in a day or two!


  1. I would definately go with the negative - purify the galaxy one speck of mud at a time.

  2. Negative seems like the right answer to me as well.

  3. I would go with the positive. Negative would imprint for about 30' and then get clogged up with mud. Positive would show better on the vehicle, clean themselves easier as you go and leave the desired imprint into the soil.
    Plus, is the emperor going to mold the planet to his mark? Or is he going to hammer his mark into it? I think the latter...

  4. @Dverning: I think there is a disturbance in the force :-)What I meant that it is either right on the track and mirrored imprint on the soil, or bthe other way around; correct imprint on the soil, but mirrored letters on the track

  5. Ah! I was thinking positive/negative along the Z axis, not the Y. My misread.
    Mmm... I'd vote for negative then.

  6. What about both?
    this, obviously, is the imperial eagle :-P

    --------- - - ---------
    ET --------- TE
    / \

    You have to mirror the "E" on the right ofcourse

  7. Sorry for double-posting, but my posting got srambled.

    I mean, just place ET under both wings, but mirror it on only one side. This way you have a readable Text on the tracks and in the dirt.