Sunday, 9 May 2010

Scratchbuild - The Land Raider MkI part 6.

My little one is on track. Literaly :-)

It took me a week to finish the tracks, but now that I'm done, I'm getting close to the finishline. This is how I made it:
First I made the master links from plasticard. I needed two naturally, one for ordinary links an one for the 12th links.

Once they were ready I made a one piece mould as I explained earlier, (ok it is a simplification, I made two, first one for an ordinary single link, and I used the resin casts as ingredients for mould two, that has one single link, one three-link piece and one with an aquila on.) and cast enough for the whole track on both sides.. Around 60 links, unfortunately not 36 links per side. I was sloppy and did not plan properly and therefore on the bottom the 12s don't match, but I don't really care. All right, I may be a perfectionist, but not that much.

Attaching the bits to the chassis was pretty straightforward, as you would imagine, though I had to trick a little to get the perfect fit. Where it was needed - in angles - I applied a bit of green stuff to get the joint correct.

What is left is to make the gun mounts (I will remove the 25mm bases) and some minor detailing, and the finishing touches with GW bits.

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  1. You, sir, are insane. That model is fucking incredible.

    That said, did you think about casting the hull panels from your originals (after riveting) so it'd be easier to give yourself a brace of them? Just asking.

  2. It makes sense when you need something in numbers. For a few, it doesn't really worth the effort.

  3. What #2501 said, minus the obscene language! This is an awesome scratchbuild. Props.

  4. The amount of time you put into a model like this is just ...

    Granted, the end result is amazing, but I'm boggled by the fact that one person can commit this much time to a single model. Since it's entirely scratch-built, what are the odds you'll make a giant mold and start casting those babies?

  5. Superb!
    I had one of the originals back in the 90s.

  6. @Warhammer39999:
    Not THAT much time. I think it is about 1-2 hours a day on average. If we don't go out I can do a lot during House or any movie my wife watches. I never had much patience to watch these, hearing is enough :-).
    Once it is put together, it is impossible to cast it. If it was in like 20 pieces, well that is a different story. But since GW owns the intellectual property my scratchbuild is derivative of, it is not even a good idea.
    If I ever started a new project again, perhaps an original IG tank design... that is a different story of course :-)