Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tyranids for SALE

Hi Folks,

a friend of mine asked me to help selling his army as he plans to move to WFB.
The following is a rough list, there is some more (+5-10%) , so I'll update later. All of the minis are mostly unpainted, most have even no primer on, a lot of them still on sprue. Assembled pieces are made nicely/prepared for painting (de-flashed etc).
The seriously interested should drop me an e-mail.

What the army includes

1 Hive Tyrant 
1 Hive Tyrant OOP
44 Termagaunts 
45 Termagaunts on sprue
12 Hormagaunts on sprue
72 Genestealers
20 Genestealers on sprue
13 Warriors
24 bases of Swarm
3 FW Areal spore mines
8 Hive Guards, 2 in box
6 Carnifexes
2 Converted Carnifexes
1 Tyranid Trygon
1 Mawloc
1 Bivore
3+6 Spores
2 Lictors

Teaser pictures (assembled minis only):


  1. Too big to buy in one batch, but could you show a better photos of winged monstrous crature (h-tyrant, I suppose) and also the smaller flyer (seen in 4th and 9th photos9, please. This will be much better blog contribution, than plain "for-sale announcement".

  2. The aim is to help a friend here. Personally I'm not even remotely interested in Tyranids...

  3. I read "What the enemy includes" instead of "What the army includes"...

  4. hi whats the cost & would you consider postage to the UK?. Thanks Peter

  5. Sorry, I missed it somehow...
    My friend has about GBP650 in mind P+P should be GBP 30, international signed for.

  6. If this is still on sale contact me at abiegk@hotmail.com

  7. IF it's still for sale, what would you price it as? Cause I'm interested, but on a but of a budget.

  8. Guys, It was sold a year ago...