Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Castor&Pollux update

My classic predator revamp project progresses steadily, I have just finished the rebuilding and detailing the twins.
Rebuilding the predators was quite time consuming as the models were in a very sorry state, the following pictures may give you some idea:

I guess most would view these wrecks as waste of time, but for me they are challenge, and I had the metal parts anyway :-) 
Sometimes I had to replace damaged sections with plasticard but finally they started to come together. I magnetized the turrets, used a large amount of GS/milliput mix to fill the holes and blemishes and finally, after a lot of sanding started the detailing part.
And this is the fun part of course, details make the model alive, they make the difference between the average and the interesting. 
I added extra rivets, and decided to use mark III parts and some imperial guard accessories as the original kit is quite low on details. I also made some tow cables and other appliances. Luckily I also found some old metal tank crew members in one of my bit boxes, that somehow survived the purges.
I'm quite happy with the outcome, and I hope that with proper paintjob the twins will find a nice spot in somebody's Ultramarines army - and help to finance some new projects besides.
So here we are now:

some details:

Update: after the pictures were taken I added some purity seals too - how could I have forgotten?
Update 2: News just in: My librarian Yorias has won me the first prize at the converting competition he was built for! I feel some terminators will soon join my forces...


  1. Man I would love to have one of those for my SM Chapter.

  2. Tremendous work!

    I was wondering how do you cut the curved/round shapes from the plasticard? For example the Ultramarine symbol.

  3. The ultramarines symbols were tricky ones. not only because of the curved parts, but because I wanted them to be identical. For these curves I used a divider compass with very sharp points. Of course for the bigger cycle I had to be careful not to cut only until the serif.

  4. Thanks veghist I had considered using a compass as well but have yet to try it out.

    Another option I have heard is a circle cutter:

    Always enjoy your conversions, they are very inspiring!

  5. I have this:
    (you have to select international)
    It is excellent, but won't cut smaller circles than appr. 1 cm in diameter. It is not even too accurate in that size range, bot great dor circles above 1,5 cm in diameter.