Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Designing a chapter Part 0. - Preface

Many people write tutorials about painting or sculpting, but I have little to offer on these fields. I know nothing original; only stuff I learned from tutorials myself or from other people.
I decided to find a different topic; I'll show you how to build up a brand new, unique chapter from scratch, and how to make it genuine and polished like the Black Templars or the Blood Angels.
My plan is that through my small daily victories or debacles I teach you a thing or two about chapter design, background building, vehicle scratch building, miniature conversion, resin casting and whatever comes along with.
I have to be honest; I will pretend that some of this stuff is not done already, but the physical realization of the plans is something completely different; all I have in my army is a WIP landspeeder... :-)

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