Monday, 18 January 2010

First entry

All stories must begin somewhere. My little affair with wargaming - or rather with miniature painting started in the mid eighties, when I gotten involved in serious roleplaying, and a I borrowed a copy of TSR's Battle System Rulebook. I was amazed. The problem was that metal miniatures were impossible to buy in my native Hungary, and we had to travel to Vienna even for a D20. (Fortunately we could at least travel, contrary to other countries in the Eastern Block...)
Since no suitable minis were available, I tried my best with 1:72 Revell plastic figures and awful enamel paints. Predictably the results were humiliating - I have them somewhere in the basement so I may show something to laugh at sometime.
Since my wargaming needs were not met with equal zeal by my friends, somehow the painter in me fell into a temporal stasis, where it stayed for the best part of the nineties and the early zeroes.
I fell back to business in 2000 when I painted some Blood Bowl teams. It was easier then, literature and the net was available, at least I had a basic concept of painting, and the results were pleasing at the time.
The real breakthrough came recently about a year ago. I work as a business consultant you see; and have 4 kids (2+2 technically, anyway) all girls. I think it is plain to all of you that obviously I need a hobby to kill stress... So, I paint, but I don't play, and it suits me right. My stuff usually gets assembled, converted, pimped up, painted, marveled by a forgiving wife, saved from eager two-year-olds, and carefully packed in boxes in the basement. May sound strange, but I love it this way.
Now of this blog. I'm the kind of the guy who likes to find the best method for everything; learn from other people, tutorials and the like. I thought, there might be others who think similarly, and I may have stuff that worth sharing.
In the days to come you will have tutorials and showcases in conversions, painting, decal and symbol design, magnetizing and resin casting. I do a lot of these, custom made shoulder pads, ornaments and the like, you will see.
I hope it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship... :-)

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