Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Designing a chapter Part 1. - Chapter Essentials

Colour Scheme

I think the first thing to decide is perhaps the colour scheme. Take pride in your colours; for my would be space marine force aesthetics are first priority. Well since it is unlikely that my boys ever make it to the gaming table, at least let them look cool.
Using Bolter&Chaisword's superb color scheme designer I came up with this:

This is Brother Altus from the 4th squad of the 3rd Company. The company colour is indicated on his right kneecap, the squad number will be indicated on his left kneepad and/or his right shoulderpad, with the tactical symbol. On his left shoulderpad he will proudly display the chapter insignia.
The colour scheme is dark blue, dark red and white with steel aquila.
Now meet Veteran Sgt Br. Sardius from 2nd Company 2nd squad.

His veteran status is indicated by his white helmet, his rank by the blue stripe on it. Should he not be veteran, his helmet would be blue with a white stripe.
Assault squads will wear red, devastators sand or tan coloured helmets.

Name and background

The name is the Sentinels of Folkmaar. This is a provisional name, might change.
One thing is for sure, these guys are guarding a terrible secret. Not like the Dark Angels, they are rather physically guarding something, a gate, an artifact, we don't know what. This is a reason why they are quite reserved, and rarely seen in action in greater numbers than 2 companies plus attachments. This much is enough now we shall enhance it later. Perhaps there could be a St. Folkmaar, a late imperial saint? Sounds cool to me.
I want them a pragmatic chapter, no hoods, too many chains or baroque ornaments; I want them fancy but perhaps somewhat purist.

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