Monday, 8 February 2010

Designing a chapter Part 5. - Custom backpacks

Last time I manufactured my own chapter shoulderpads, hope you liked it. This time I continue working on the special flavour I wish to create for the Sentinels. Custom backpacks will give a small, but smart enhancement to the brew.
This is quite an easy conversion. I chose symbols of the right size from the resin cast pieces of insignia I made in an earlier post, sanded their backs to make them thinner and glued them on standard GW backpacks. Of course  the plain ones are the best, but also the other types once you get rid of the original symbol with a sharp knife. Depending on your insignia you may have to remove rivet heads or trim the upper part.
Anyway, here is what I achieved

Primer and paint them the usual way:

Slowly the visual chapter design is taking shape and I'm quite happy with it. Of course not all of the marines will have these converted backpacks, I keep the standard ones too for variety. Hopefully these little things will help to make my boys unique and professional looking (after I learned to paint properly of course).

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  1. Brilliant! I love the idea of mixing these into the ranks with standard issue backpacks too.

  2. Always a pleasure to see your work sir. Well done.