Thursday, 11 February 2010

Subject for tutorial wanted

Hi Folks,

I promised you to make a new tutorial on two piece mould resin casting. And I ask for your help to make it happen.
Since I don't want to mess with GW, or promote the unproper use of intellectual property, to make a tutorial with a GW model as a subject is out of question. This leaves me without a proper master.
I built a mini or two before, but they were all given away when I switched to different armies. It would take me weeks to put together something decent, but I don't really have the time and motivation for that. 
Now this is where you can help. 
If you have a scratch built mini, a small vehicle, a special bit, a weapon or something interesting that you would donate for  educational purposes, I'd be happy to use it as a subject of the tutorial.

The subject 
  • Should not contain any copyrighted device or material, or should not be derivative of anything that is somebody else's intellectual property
  • Should be relatively small, fit in a 5cm side cube
  • Can be multipart, but ideally no more than 3 pieces
  • Should not be extremely 3d. You all saw GW sprues or metal minies; the more complex ones must be cast multipart. Working with green stuff is one thing, but casting it is something different.

In exchange for the master I can offer a few copies of the original or perhaps the finished mould if that is more desirable. I will never sell copies of the subject of course
If you are interested, drop me an email and send a picture of the proposed master.
Of course all credit and gratitude is granted :-)

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  1. I bashed together a weapon I would love to have some casts of a while back. Unfortunately, it is made up of a couple GW weapons. I look forward to your tutorial though, perhaps I'll be inspired to try and cast it myself!