Saturday, 13 February 2010

Painting - First go on the Sentinels

Tonight I managed to finish my first test paint of the Sentinels. It is a five marine combat squad and a lone assault marine. They are still wearing the original paint scheme, I'm still not decided weather to go for the darker scheme or stick to this one. I fear that this is a bit ultramarie-ish, but apart from that I'm pretty satisfied. The guys are purists, no extra purity seals, tabards, squad numbers, the regular ones will have all of this, but modestly.
Instead the new converted backpacks they are wearing old style ones, because I'm running low on backpacks and I'm going to give these first ones to friends anyway.
For the bases I had some arid, rocky steppe in mind.
So here you go:

Painting - Quest for the perfect highlights


  1. For the record, I immediately thought these were 3rd Company Ultras when I saw them (the red & blue just are the perfect hue).

    Though, if you went darker, you'd have to be careful to avoid looking like Crimson Fists...

  2. I always thought that the Sentinels come from somewhere a Fists gene pool... :-)

  3. Was going to say the exact same thing as Warhammer39999 said (though I do like the CF color scheme). Maybe switch the colors around a bit on the mini to differentiate them?

  4. I think the Crimson Fists have nothing white on them... I think I'll need to test some more...