Thursday, 18 February 2010

Painting - Final decision

All right, you know I've been undecided on the final colour scheme, time to decide once and for all.
Now I'm down to two options:

The light option

Shade: VGC Dark Prussian Blue
Midtone: Royal Blue
Highlight: Enchanted blue
Extreme highlight: VGC Pastel Blue

The darker option

Shade: Black primer
Base colour: VGC Dark Prussian Blue
Highlight: 33% Enchanted Blue, 66% Royal Blue
Extreme highlight: Enchanted Blue

I love both versions but it is time for the right choice. Please spare a minute to comment!
See them face to face:


  1. The one on the left is way better. It will stand out a lot better on the battlefield.

  2. Gotta agree with Scott. The darker seems more realistic and gritty, but painting score will almost always favor the brighter look. When viewed at a vitrual equivalent of 3-6' away, the lighter one jumps out more.

  3. Definitely the lighter version – the highlights on the other one are too subtle I think personally.

  4. The lighter option certainly pops more, and with closer inspection it's clear that they're not Ultramarines. It's just a general idea upon first glance.

    The above posters are all right in that they not only look more attractive froma distance, they'll also get higher painting scores. If you're really trying to avoid that "Ultra" first impression, perhaps varying the red or the white would do it.

    Both of them look smashing as is though, but if I have to pick, I'm throwing my hat in the left one's ring as well.

  5. I really like the right, however as everyone above has stated the lighter left side will pop more and score higher in comp. 'BUT' is that what you are going for? I think the darker side gives em a cool were not ultras look. Ultimately it's your call, as you're the one that's putting em on the board. Either way they both look great.

  6. ye i think that the brightet option is the best, i think that it will stand out alot more and there is a better impression of depth. although i think some experementing could be done to make (maby even some of them) look battle worn and weatherd. the colour scheme is greath though

  7. I would go with the brighter scheme. The small details stand out much better.

  8. I personally think the lighter option. Dark Blue is a little weird on Space Marines, even Crimson Fists don't always necessarily look right

  9. Brighter looks better, but the edge highlight doesn't match the rest of the blues at all. Of course, that type of jump between colors is the stuff GW's been pushing for years, so I guess it would probably look right at home with other players that paint that way.